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Dorcéna Dorzilmé

Hi, my name is Dorcéna, nice to meet you!

I work with motivated spirits just like yours that want to face chanllenges, discover new possibilities, create solutions  and embrace the entrepreneurial adventure.Everything is about you and what you want to do. What kind of possibilities do you want to discover? I am only here to guide you and support you to make you realise your dreams!

No worries! I have created a group of like-minded people to help you grow in all circumtances. 

We’ve got you covered: Think of our services as your very own support tools that you can count on when needed. I will inspire, train and entertain you to reach your goals in life with fast and everlasting results.

About Dorcéna Dorzilmé, (mpa) Author, Trainer, Coach, Speaker

I am commited to serve you with excellence!

My purpose is to inspire, train and entertain individuals to reach their goals in life with fast and everlasting results. I provide services and resources for personal and professional development. Are you concerned about how to deal with your challenges, how to achieve more success and enjoy life?


I committed myself over the past 30 years to learn continuously and to serve people. My vision is to promote excellence, wisdom, self-transformation and growth for a better society. No Matter what: Face it, Change it and Succeed Together. Over the years I address talks, keynotes and seminars throughout Canada, United States and other countries around the world.   


New ways to enjoy life


Are you interested in finding ways to enjoy life, learn and share or to grow fully as a person? You are not alone! I have studied Psychology, Education, Management, Real states, Philosophy and Social sciences. I use my learning, my life experience and my professional background to: help people discover possibilities, and create opportunities for themselves. I coach people to raise their own standards, make and manage a legacy while serving others with excellence and dignity.

I wrote several books and train people from many parts of the world.


After facing myself personal struggles, defeats, calamities, the situation could not have been worse…Then, I decided to choose a new life with a mission. As author and speaker, I train individuals on leadership, personnel and professional change management and entrepreneurship. In my seminars or in my books translated in several languages, I offer comprehensive methods and perspectives to discover simple ways to deal with complicated organizational or life issues so people can have an enriching living in spite of all challenges and adversities. More


You are not alone


I have made a career in the Public Service of Canada, as well as in community and humanitarian organizations. Passionate and dynamic, I share with humour and wisdom the hard lessons that life imposes upon me. I speak three languages. I am in a race without borders to motivate people to face it change it and succeed: no matter what. 

I hold a Canadian passport and several diplomas among them a Master of Public Administration (MPA), and a bachelor degree in Psycho-education (B.Ed.). Very active in the community, I am travelling the world to share strategies on how to become happy, worry free, financially independent to enjoy life fully with the loved ones. Life is fragile however we are not alone.

 I am married to Rose for over 25 years. We have three sons: Sébastien, Thomas, and Thobey. They all enjoy reading and writing. Sébastien is an educator with a focus on kids with special needs; he likes singing and running. Thomas is a video producer and a music enthusiast, while Thobey is developing his skills to become an animator for television shows. My beautiful daughter is at rest from this side of life…too soon!

We all need to enjoy life fully. You have a mission.



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You deserve everlasting solutions. I can help you!


I teamed up with great trainers to bring you new insights, perspectives, tactics and strategies from life experiences and researches through innovative and comprehensive training programs


Reaching your Personal Goals with Transformative training and New Problem Solving Strategies.


Make a Greater Impact. Discover your Values and Your Mission in life


Start Productive and Fulfilling Activities with new Perspectives, new Skills and Excellence orientation