New Vision and New skills

Reaching your Personal Goals

Learn to improve yourself, master your situation, create solution and upgrade your lifestyle.

Making a greater impact

Discover your values and your mission in life so you can fulfill your aspiration with passion and determination.

Developing efficiency & effectiveness

Initiate successful and profitable activities with new perspectives, new skills and excellence orientation.

Designing new opportunities

Get more clarity and focus on everlasting results with new resources and support.

Let's Start a new Journey

My objective is to facilitate your Personal and Professional Development with knowledge, skills and Competencies. Promoting excellence, wisdom, self-transformation and self-growth in a richer and healthier society is my Raison d'être.

As author, trainer, coach, speaker, my purpose is to inspire, train and entertain individuals in developing their full potential so they can reach their goals in life. I provide services and resources for personal and organizational development. Are you concerned about how to deal with your challenges, how to achieve more success and enjoy life? Start learning today where you are, with the tools you already have access to. Your new knowledge, your attitude and your actions will determine your future, what do you need to learn to change your future?

I committed myself over the years to learn continuously and to serve people. My vision is to promote excellence, wisdom, self-transforming and self-growing in a prosperous and healthier society. No Matter what: Face it, Change it and Succeed Together.

We all learn differently. Your current situation is keeping you already too busy. Do not turn in circle. Learn at your own pace to discover new strategies to change yourself and the situation you are in. Start now.

I love connecting people to people, to ideas, to knowledge, to skills, to resources and to values. Let’s create more synergy. You may already have all you need to succeed. But, do you know how to connect the dots?  Do you really want to keep trying the same things over and over? Successful people always seek new insights, perspectives, tactics and strategies from life experiences or researches. This is what you will get with me through innovative training programs focussing on your goals. Let’s connect today. It is the right time for the right beginning.

I have lost literally many years of my life because of fears, lack of confidence, competence and perseverance to learn and grow. I know now, we all can deal with the most difficult situations, direct change towards our aspirations and enjoy success. This is what my new training series are about.   

Training is one of the most effective ways to help you grow faster than your current situation and potential problems. Based on research and fundamental principles, I am always looking for new, more practical and strategic content to make your life management easier. Start now. Act with confidence and perseverance. 

Exclusive Training Opportunity

Learn How to Get Fast and Everlasting Results

develop your potential

Deal better with your personal issues

Better understand the crises and problems of life

Face adversity and challenges

find support

Grow in all circumstances

Develop confidence and live success.

Create endless opportunities to help others.

reach youre goals

Deal better with your professional problems

Develop your problem solving skills

Discover new possibilities to create values


In Diffrent Formats and Laguages

1:1 Coaching / Mentoring programs

Direct sharing of life experience, management knowledge and success strategies that support your personal and professional growth.

Personal Development

 Practical Training on goals setting and achievement, self-improvement in term of philosophy and attitude, life style improvement in term of relatonships, activities, problem solving skills and rewards.

Professional development Programs

Strategic Training around individual or team goal on specific learning, skills, competencies that can be leveraged for new performance and future development.


This Books Collection is designed to help you sustain your progress and attain your success. Reading the right books can help you to be your best, to re-imagine your life and your business. Get a free EBook.

Face It Change It & Succeed

A practical method to lead you in taking full control over your destinations. In this book you will learn how to face your past and your present while you are creating new opportunities to succeed and enjoy life fully. No matter what: Face It Change It and Succeed

Self Development

A touching and exciting story that has changed the lives of those who have lived it. A genuinely poignant testimony that will inspire those who aspire to a better life. Reading the frames that have woven the backdrop of the book's adventure, suffering, stress and the unknown will never affect you in the same way.

De La Défaite à la Fête

Life is fragile and brief, however, it is not fatal and insignificant; there is hope in the future. We are not alone in the world. Relief and happiness are within our reach. Like all of us, the author has experienced periods darkened by dramas. Dorcéna Dorzilmé guides us on the road to happiness in this manual of enlightened living


Offered in Diffrent Formats

Turning your next vacation into a promotion

Do you need a change? A real improvement in your life and a true advancement in your career? Presented in a very relax environment, in this 5 days session you will learn how to face your challenges at work, how to make a strategic move to your next level and how to deal with barriers to discover new possibilities.

 You will enjoy a great networking opportunity, while we coach you how you can better fulfill your life, help more people and reach your financial goal.

Embracing organizational growth for collective success

This is Customized Training to help learning organizations to develop a culture of excellence through individual self-development and shared support.

Participants will discover how to benefit from: organizational change, self-transformation and self-motivation to reach their full potential and enrich their lives while offering innovative products and outstanding services to the public. This program is a must for caring organizations in a diverse and changing world.

Triumphant Strategy

It is a complete program that help you as individual to discover yourself and that equip you to: 1- Identify the patterns that hinder your progress. 2- Develop a concrete plan to success. 3- Experiment a proven method that produced real long term result. 4- Live your purpose.

This training is recommended to all adult and young people who want to develop leadership to move from their challenges to their opportunities. And anyone who wants to move forward with confidence, clarity and determination to reach higher goals for themselves and their community.


Experience a stimulating transformation, unique approach to personal development we offer a variety of courses in-person or online


In seminars or any speaking engagement, I will inspire, train and entertain you in reaching your full potential and achieve your goals.

Coaching support

I provide resources and support for personal and organizational transformation.