Dorcéna’s latest book, of great simplicity and humility can in my opinion be a good tool for people living tragedies in their lives. It can also have a preventive value for those who have not yet experienced significant losses in their lives. Since loss is inherent to life, I would recommend it to everyone.

A-J Maxi

Dorcéna came out of his own trials with the ability to reach out to his contemporaries to help them through their own trials … through his writing that comes from misfortune, he sows happiness. I learned with him that each of our defeats is a victory in power. It is a celebration in reserve to draw the energies necessary to reach happiness.

Each of us who is going through difficult times will be able to get from reading his book some important keys to return to the side of light.

P. Rochon

Dorcéna offers practical ideas to help people find happiness and tranquility, despite the defeats and vicissitudes of life. The author invites us to take advantage of his many reflections to find a solution to our problems. He wants to reassure us: despite appearances, we all have resources to get us out of trouble. He concludes with a firm belief that “life is fragile and brief, but you are not alone in the world.

M-H Destiné

Dorcéna is a family oriented person with values. Human and endearing, despite difficulties in health he never gave up and this always with a look to the future. Always inspiring and smiling, it is an honor for me to congratulate Dorcéna for his book: From Defeat to Treat. I place his book among the most touching of my life. Dorcéna has a lot to share and the world can learn a lot from him to get another perspective on life and to come out a winner.

G. Pitre


His capacity to reinvent himself impresses, with fluidity he navigates the current of life and draws lessons from it, which he transmits generously to those who ask him for it. More than a source of inspiration, which many times been able to guide me by his strategic advice, more than an invaluable resource, to which I can turn at any time, for me Dorcéna is above all, a friend.

 Samuel B.