The missing parts – Do you have them all?

You may have all the parts, all the tools even the willingness and the time to make things work, however all that does not guarantee things would go the way you expect it to go. You need something else. You may ask what is missing. Would that be a solid plan, attractive objectives, balanced budget, or team spirit? They are all important. However I am referring to something that is too often overlooked.

Integration makes the difference

You may have in your garage all the parts that are essential to a well functioning car. If these parts are not integrated together into a system, you cannot pretend you have a car in your garage. Well, let’s say that you have more than a car apart. You still won’t be able to drive or to carry it with you.  You can carry some of the parts with you to show off but they will not carry you like a regular working car would do.

Likewise, you have experience, knowledge, talents, and resources. You need to learn how to orchestrate or integrate what you have at hand; so they can become a vehicle that can carry you where ever you want to go.

While you have been busy doing many things in life, I dedicated myself to develop ways for you to integrate easier all your parts so you can go faster on the highway of your success. The real question is do you have what it takes to get the most out of what you already have. It is more difficult to have more while your hands are full with non relevant or non used tools.

Be your best ally

What you may miss is available. Now, it is the time to:

  • Be more efficient and effective.
  • Assess the parts you already have
  • Decide what vehicle you want to make
  • Seek to know what you don’t know
  • Develop your confidence to see how things can be
  • Be part of your own solutions

Personal development is something that you need to integrate into your daily life.


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